$930 iPhone and why Globe hasn’t learned from the Rogers fiasco

Globes iPhone 3G

Being busy lately I missed this news.

“WT?”. That’s the most expensive iPhone in the world since the Rogers iPhone fiasco.

So let’s do the math. $599 (with AT&T) vs ~$930 (41,889 / P45)

What’s so special with the Globe iPhone that we need to shell out P41,889 (8GB)?

For those whose blood ain’t boiling enough. I’m linking the Globe iPhone 3G site. 🙂

Do I hear a million sounds of protest or do people really care since Philippine iPhones come from Greenhills Mecca under P30k?

Found via Migs Mobile Network. Thanks to Migs.


4 Responses

  1. hmmmmmm.. .why am i not surprised ? hahaha hay nako globe..

  2. And on that note, what do you say if we make an online petition site? Hmmm…

  3. the phone itself is expensive. owning one will entail more cost in that you’ll spend more on the various phone features it’s offering.

  4. @ojtibi go go make one. Naah, there are units in GReenhills 🙂

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