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Gmail Emoticons
October 25, 2008

UPDATE: Just saw a TED Talk on 3-minute story of mixed emoticons.

I just found out Google Mail has just added TONS of emoticons. More reasons to love GMail.

Go ahead and let the email do the talking.


Loving the new Apple MacBook Pro
October 15, 2008

The new MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro

I just love the way this *mother* was engineered. Amazing!

So the rumors were true.

Reviews abound so we won’t duplicate it anymore (Engadget, CrunchGear, Apple). We’re just here to admire this beauty. Sigh!

Watch the making
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Nice Scrabble(tm) sofa sets with matching pillow letter tiles
November 24, 2006

A unique design of chair sets inspired by Scrabble/Wordplay with matching pillow letter tiles by the guys from Stephen Reed Industrial Design. Installed in the London Offices of Bloomberg financial services since 2004.

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