If only your plants can Twitter…
October 29, 2008

If they can Twitter they will curse !@#$% you to high heavens for neglecting your potted pets.

Thanks to technology they now can. You can buy (and assemble D-I-Y) the Botanicalls kit for your plant to start tweets to your handphone. The gadget measures moisture through 2 steel probes.

It can say “URGENT! Water me!“, “Thank you for watering me“, Current Moisture: 57%, or why not “I’m lonely.”

I figured, why not push it a little further? When the plant is thirsty, it will trigger the faucet to open for a sip. Hey, if you’re thirsty, go get yourself some water 🙂

So, gardeners, don’t wait for your plants to cry-out.

ThinkGeek ($99) and Esty ($89.95) are selling these.