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40 million liters of water to charge the world’s iPhones
October 16, 2010

Technology Footprint: The shiny new iPhone in your pocket requires half a liter of water to charge. That may not seem like much, but with over 80 million active iPhones in the world, that’s 40 million liters to charge those alone.Β More InfoΒ Β»


Revolution OS
December 18, 2008

I watched this documentary before. Posting it here to give it some more mileage.

Revolution OS is a 2001 documentary which traces the history of GNU, Linux, and the open source and free software movements. It features several interviews with prominent hackers and entrepreneurs (and hackers-cum-entrepreneurs), including Richard Stallman, Michael Tiemann, Linus Torvalds, Larry Augustin, Eric S. Raymond, Bruce Perens, Frank Hecker and Brian Behlendorf.

If only your plants can Twitter…
October 29, 2008

If they can Twitter they will curse !@#$% you to high heavens for neglecting your potted pets.

Thanks to technology they now can. You can buy (and assemble D-I-Y) the Botanicalls kit for your plant to start tweets to your handphone. The gadget measures moisture through 2 steel probes.

It can say “URGENT! Water me!“, “Thank you for watering me“, Current Moisture: 57%, or why not “I’m lonely.”

I figured, why not push it a little further? When the plant is thirsty, it will trigger the faucet to open for a sip. Hey, if you’re thirsty, go get yourself some water πŸ™‚

So, gardeners, don’t wait for your plants to cry-out.

ThinkGeek ($99) and Esty ($89.95) are selling these.

Gmail Emoticons
October 25, 2008

UPDATE: Just saw a TED Talk on 3-minute story of mixed emoticons.

I just found out Google Mail has just added TONS of emoticons. More reasons to love GMail.

Go ahead and let the email do the talking.

My first marathon– 10km Botak Paabilisan
October 20, 2008

UPDATE: The next races I’m signing up for are Race For Life and The New Balance Power Race at Clark.

UPDATE 2: Official Race results are here courtesy of Takbo.PH (Thanks for the tip, Jinoe.) My official time was 1 hour 10 minutes

Last Sunday I ran (and survived) my 1st marathon– Botak Paabilisan Road Race Series 5km/10km at the Fort Bonifacio. It was exhilarating!

10km Botak Paabilisan Singlet #800

It helped that I saw a colored race map the day before courtesy of Bro J. Needed to psych myself for the upcoming race.

I woke up early around 4:30am (the race was at 6am). In my excitement I forgot to bring my camera πŸ™‚ so I only have 1 photo. I rode with Jay & brother Chef Jonathan (of Paul Calvin’s). Chef ran the 5km while Jay & I ran 10km. It’s interesting to note that my running buddy, Jay ran the 21km Adidas King of the Road (coverage by Ms. Bull Runner) the week before. Cool!

We arrived 5:30ish. Just on time for some warm-up stretching. I saw the running crowd getting ready then I joked, “Hardcore na ang mga ito!” Intimidating but in my mind what’s important is to finish the race.

So at about 6am the gun went off. It sounded like a faint clap from where we were. The runner crowd started slowly moving. I’m not an expert at crowd estimates but I’d guess give or take around 1,000 participants. And so we ran. No, we really RAN!

It was not comforting to see that during the first loop up the slightly inclined McKinley Road, we already saw runners coming back downhill. Wow! Is this a sprint race or a marathon? I suspect they were clocking like under 3 minutes per kilometer πŸ™‚ Hardcore.

There were lots of temptations. Temptations to stop. Temptation to turn at the corner for the 5k mark (10km needed to go 2 loops, ugh!). Temptation to just walk the rest of the 10km. Temptation to slack off.

But go go go. Run! David! Run! At about 5km the feeling was, “Why am I doing this?” At about 6-7km I felt the second wind with some help at the water stations. Those weeks of trainings are paying off. Heart rate seems alright. My breathing seems alright. Not terribly exhausted.

During our training Jay and I kept pushing each other. A very important factor in running. Because we all take the path of least resistance. The easy way out. “Pwede na yan” may be a timely message by Pastor Ferdie that Sunday.

And so I finished the 10km. I clocked at 1:10:58 according to the official race results. I forgot to check my exact time but it should be under 1:20mins by my estimates. I am now a 10km finisher πŸ™‚ Woohoo! I’m still finding out if Botak is going to post the race results.

It was fun. It definitely won’t be our last. I need to beat my PR (a new term I learned). PR means Personal Record not PageRank for you SEO suckers. πŸ˜‰

10km Finisher Jay Em & me
More temptations– what a fine way to end the 10km run with an awesome breakfast buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli (review by Anton Diaz) at the Fort owned by my restaurateur friend Jay (pictured above). Thanks to Mitch Lim for taking our picture (no camera, remember) and making it memorable.

Actually, I was too tired to eat so I just took taho, their famous malunggay bread & lots & lots of water.

Jay is also my neighbor, running mate, coach, & motivator rolled into one. Thanks man for getting me into running!

Make Poverty History?
October 15, 2008

The End of PovertyI recalled I wrote a blog about the book “The End of Poverty” by Jeff Sachs. I bought it while travelling in Singapore. The title grabbed me immediately as something relevant for my country, the Philippines and timely as in right now.

I will not attempt to make a book review here but I want to say that the book did something to me. Sort of call-to-action, get your butt moving and do something, not later but NOW.

So I did a couple of things:

  • Signed up for the ONE Campaign
  • Signed up with (though I haven’t lent anyone yet). I’m studying it as a model to get it happening here in the Philippines.
  • Met with my pilot friend, Joel Legaspi, to possibly send students from Polilio Islands to college through a scholarship grant. The Pililio Islands are located in Infanta, Quezon Province. The Flying Medical Samaritans (Joel formerly work) mostly flew in by plane to bring relief goods through the FMS (Flying Medical Samaritans). This student scholarship hasn’t happened yet because we were still connecting with partner schools here in Manila. Seems to have hit a dead-end on this project. But we are still high hopes.
  • I didn’t look far. Among our relatives and friends, helping them financially helps a long, long way.

Though I am still struggling with my own lack at times, it is marginalized by the fact that some people don’t even have a roof on top of their heads or a bed to sleep on yet here I am whining about a little discomfort here and there.

It’s humbling to see how blessed you really are.

Though Jeff Sachs (the book author), was very optimistic that if we put our efforts together, we can end poverty by the year 2025 (or earlier). I hope we all do our part. This is a starting conversation for the Blog Action Day. Let’s do something NOW!

WordCamp Firsts
October 6, 2008

WordCamp Philippines
L-R: Danilo Arao, Dean Benhur Ong, Blogie Robillo, Matt Mullenweg, Paul Pajo & Dave Quitoriano

Last September 6, 2008 was indeed a lot of firsts.

  • The 1st WordCamp in the Philippines and the first in Southeast Asia.
  • First time for CSB (our host school) to be involved in an international Open Source event.
  • RedMedia‘s first time to co-organize a blogger event. (More events to come)
  • 1st time to collaborate with the Mindanao Bloggers. It was a pleasant experience so for sure it won’t be the last.
  • 1st time to see Paul Pajo rock out to Zombie! (see below)
  • It was Matt’s first time in the Philippines and Asia as well. (We hoped it was the first time he ate ‘balut’ or to rock ‘n roll in a kareoke bar but we failed to make him.)

It was indeed serious fun. Mike and I (RedMedia) were co-organizer with the Mindanao Bloggers headed by Blogie Robillo. We helped out with the admin preparations, logistics, etc. More memorable was because I was the “official” chaperone, GRO, hawi-boy, bodyguard, driver, nanny, yaya for Mr. WordPress tagging along Atty. Jomi Manalo and his BMW X5 and fleet of cars.

More thanks goes to our very gracious venue host, School of Management Information Technology (SMIT) of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde headed by Dean Benhur Ong. To all the volunteers (you know who you are) thank you for your dedication.

The Mindanao Bloggers core team (Andrew, Ria, Winston & Migs) was a joy to work with. Sa uulitin.

WordCamp Philippines with the Youngest Wordcampers
Of course, it was a family affair. I was with my lovely wife, Marites and my kids (Carissa & Joshua). They are the youngest WordCampers (until disputed). More photos here. More coverage here

The WordCamp chillax after-party was a blast with Paul “Pageman” Pajo rock-eoke Zombie!

Looking forward for next year. Boys and girls, see you at WordCamp Philippines 2009!

$930 iPhone and why Globe hasn’t learned from the Rogers fiasco
August 7, 2008

Globes iPhone 3G

Being busy lately I missed this news.

“WT?”. That’s the most expensive iPhone in the world since the Rogers iPhone fiasco.

So let’s do the math. $599 (with AT&T) vs ~$930 (41,889 / P45)

What’s so special with the Globe iPhone that we need to shell out P41,889 (8GB)?

For those whose blood ain’t boiling enough. I’m linking the Globe iPhone 3G site. πŸ™‚

Do I hear a million sounds of protest or do people really care since Philippine iPhones come from Greenhills Mecca under P30k?

Found via Migs Mobile Network. Thanks to Migs.

I am going to WordCamp Philippines. Are you?
July 15, 2008

WordCamp Philippines

I’m going to the first WordCamp in the Philippines! Need we say more?

If you haven’t heard, WordCamp Philippines will be on September 6, 2008, Saturday at College of Saint Benilde, Taft Ave., Manila.

WordCamp is the premier event for WordPress users and developers.

If you have done so register at to make sure you get your camper’s badge!

…and show some link luv Y! for the luv emoticon

Ten reasons to neither accept nor give a diamond ring.
December 10, 2006

Some pretty atrocious things are happening in the diamond industry which is run by De Beers like a Cartel. You’ve Been Psychologically Conditioned To Want a Diamond, Diamonds are Priced Well Above Their Value, Diamonds Have No Resale or Investment Value, Diamond Miners are Disproportionately Exposed to HIV/AIDS, and more reasons.

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Elegie Trailer Study by Mo Zee starring Jourdan, Marc Abaya, Monica Llamas
November 28, 2006

Trailer study of Mo Zee’s movie “Elegie” that will be showing in 2007. Featuring Jourdan “the Dreamer” Sebastian as a rock star whose brother played by Marc Abaya is a virtuoso pianist with a manic depressive/bipolar disorder in a love triangle with the character played by Monica Llamas who slowly loses her hearing. I want to see this movie!

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Nice Scrabble(tm) sofa sets with matching pillow letter tiles
November 24, 2006

A unique design of chair sets inspired by Scrabble/Wordplay with matching pillow letter tiles by the guys from Stephen Reed Industrial Design. Installed in the London Offices of Bloomberg financial services since 2004.

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Hello world!
May 9, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!